Monday, May 21, 2007

Tapestry's woes

Warner Onstine's post on why Tapestry hasn't been more widely adopted (incompatible releases and a murky vision) is exactly why I left Tapestry for Wicket (which so far has been a great decision). Despite having some great technical contributors, Tapestry has languished by not articulating a clear vision and a solid release path.

When I was choosing the view technology for my latest project, Ajax was a big consideration. The Tapestry Ajax project (a.k.a. Tacos, release 4.1.1) is very active, but it still is in development (i.e. they have not released it as "stable"). Contrast that with Wicket, which has had a couple of Javascript library integrations for a while. Now I haven't compared the integrations in depth, so I don't know if it's just easier to build such integrations in Wicket, or if the Wicket integrations aren't as feature-rich, but at least they are out there.

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