Thursday, August 24, 2006

My goal

After years of managing a desktop Java product group, I've taken some time off to retool and learn server side Java because I believe that Web 2.0 apps will supplant desktop Java apps (not that desktop Java was ever such a hit to begin with).

So I started reading everything I could lay my hands on and quickly got completely bogged down by the amazing proliferation of server side Java technologies out there today. When I last did some web development, the state of the art was JSP and JDBC. Now there are seemingly dozens of options, many of them open source, at every level of the stack.

I have a particular type of web application I want to develop that needs to be very interactive and engaging. I could have started down the path of JSP/JDBC, but instead I decided to go about this the right way, by learning and applying best of breed technologies at every level of the stack. I also didn't restrict myself to Java, since Ruby on Rails is gaining such traction. But I definitely want to stay with open source libraries since there are so many excellent choices and I like the ethos of open source.

This is an occasional journal about my climb up the learning curve. My goal is to give a little back to the community in return for such great free software.

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